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Cape Brewing Company energy measurementThe Cape Brewing Company (CBC) is a brewery in the finest craft tradition. Nestled amidst old oak trees in the Paarl mountains, its doors first opened to the public in 2012 and its reputation for quality craft beer spread quickly.

CBC firmly believe in making beer the way it should be made: in true craft style using only the finest of ingredients and local spring water. As part of their sustainable ethos the brewery was designed around energy efficiency and process optimisation, with the lowest impact on their surrounding environment. Power-star came on board to assist in this regard, providing a live system to monitor and manage the site, while the brewery continues to deliver their renowned craft to the market.

According to Plant Manager, Quintin Rossouw, the existing measurement infrastructure was not able to compete with the functionality and efficiency of the Power-Star solution. In order for CBC to take advantage of Drakenstein’s complex time-of-use (TOU) tariff structure, they a needed an online meter that could measure every 60 seconds that can be viewed online in real-time, providing a precise insight into when energy is used.

The brewery will be able to target the energy intense parts of the manufacturing process, and where possible shift the loads to periods in the day with lower consumption charges. They will also make use of the bill verification platform for their utility bills which is being fed through the proprietors main incomer. The benchmark tool will enable the brewery to calculate the energy use per day relative to quantities of beer produced and bottled. A deep understanding of this relationship assists with managing processes as efficiently as possible. Baseline and overnight loads will also be monitored, while energy data will also be used for monitoring power factor and also for sizing a potential solar PV system.

We are excited to partner with CBC in reaching their energy and sustainability goals as they continue to strive for craft beer perfection.

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