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Time travel optimised

Could Marty and the DeLorean have benefited from Power-Star’s expertise?

Most of us have seen the movie Back to the Future (or am I just giving away my age?). The protagonist, Marty Mcfly (played by Michael J. Fox) accidentally travels back in time and is faced with various challenges in order to get back to 1985.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the DeLorean DMC-12. The car was converted by Doc Brown into a time machine, which would then be used to gain insight into history and the future.

energy management

Business end of the DeLorean Time machine.

As you could well imagine, the energy that will be needed to power such a device would be immense. This specific time machine, in order to operate effectively, requires roughly about 1.21 gigawatts. Yup that is correct, one billion watts! A simple solar panel is not going to generate that amount of power (approximately 4 million panels will be required). The doctor first uses plutonium and later Mr. Fusion (the reactor unit of the machine) to power the device, enabling it to travel anywhere in the past or the future.

The DeLorean had to reach 88mph (141.6 km/h) in order for the Flux capacitor to activate and send them to the specific time period that they have entered.

As you can guess, with the amount of power and complexity of the Flux capacitor, something is bound to go wrong, and it does.

Power-Star to the rescue (if we existed at the time, of course)

Fortunately for us, the good doctor travels to the year 2015 and we hope that the article reaches him in time (pardon the pun).

energy management helps Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine

Installed flux capacitor

We believe we can help in managing the huge amounts of energy being produced. The Power-Star meter will be able to measure energy consumption and give clear indications of where the Flux capacitor is drawing too much power, It will also show the efficacy of the release mechanism. From initial investigations, we concluded that the Flux capacitor does not release the energy efficiently enough to safely travel through the space time continuum. A Power Factor survey could be done to ensure the operational strength of the capacitors where after repairs can be initiated if necessary.

Further measuring can be done and reports can be pulled on the heat generated by Mr. Fusion and the consequences the heat will have on the reactor unit and subsequent time travel. As we are attempting to live sustainably, it may be crucial to make use of our Energy Management service to lower the environmental impact of the reactor unit. Our ongoing investigation might prove that aluminium will be better than stainless steel in “flux dispersion” and will help with a relative smoother transition through the space time continuum.

Whether you are building a time machine, installing solar panels or you want to measure your energy consumption for bill verification purposes, Power-star is ready and able to help! Feel free to contact us with your energy related questions.

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