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The effects of energy inefficiency

Energy inefficiencies in the worplace displayed by a worker taking a nap and not optimising his usage of energy. By taking a timeout he is also wasting electricity used to power his tools.How energy inefficiencies can impact your business negatively.

Inefficiency can take many forms, from energy inefficiencies to ineffective workers and poor administration. The results of inefficiency can be as extreme as to cause a business to close its doors.

All of the Power-Star products and services are uniquely equipped to optimise the energy usage at any given site. The online meter allows for seamless transition from recording the electricity usage data to analysing the information. Monitoring your energy usage and keeping track of it allows you to make decisions with real and independent data. This also saves time for the managers and engineers, problems can be identified as soon as they arise.

What does inefficiency do?

Energy inefficiencies wasting money in the workplace. When energy, human or electrical, is not applied correctly you are losing money.

Inefficiency costs money:

Inefficiencies costs many organizations thousands to millions of rands. The loss of capital could have been spent elsewhere. Acquisition of new clients, for research and development and the implementation of new projects would have been a more efficient use of resources..

Inefficiency is when you spend more money than you needed to in order to arrive at the same result.

Power-star can assist in optimising your energy usage and to cut energy wastage. With the recorded data from our online energy meter we can establish the best possible plan for your site or business. Unhealthy power usage can become a bottomless pit, into which money is thrown. Our Services will allow for efficient energy use, that will save money and optimise output.

Energy management services are part of the package, this service consists mainly of changing the behaviour of the employers and employees alike. Huge savings can be made by simple adjustments to our behaviour for example switching off lights when not needed, etc.


Energy inefficiencies wasting time. It is hard to believe that energy efficiency affects your available time but it does.

Inefficiency wastes time

We can save a couple of cents here and there, but we cannot squeeze more seconds out of the day. Time is of the utmost importance. Every second lost cannot be regained. When you are waiting for a project to finish or a manager that needs to give you the next set of instructions, these are all forms of wasting time.

Time is not just about time and money, but about potential output as well. An efficient and confident worker will work a lot harder and better than a less confident and underappreciated worker.

We may not be able to help with an underappreciated worker, but we can cut time wastage through the services that we offer. Waiting for reports on finances or your electricity usage reports can waste a lot of time and money.

With our online meter that records data in real time, you will never have to wait ever again. Managers and engineers will benefit greatly by receiving reports in real time and they are able to fix problems as soon as they arise.


Energy inefficiencies reducing quality through the reduction in output per input value.

Inefficiency reduces quality

As processes improve and methodologies become more succinct, we are often reminded that every defect or missed benchmark is an inefficiency. Correcting energy inefficiencies throughout a process can have a significant influence on the success rates of any business, not only to improve quality but to use the energy effectively.

Power-Star offers a benchmarking service. Each plant manager/engineer will be granted access to the Power-Star software via a secure login. They can remotely monitor the energy consumption as well as set specific benchmarks they wish to monitor that could improve input and output. This may improve overall quality but also improve the cost effectiveness of the products produced. Benchmarks can be used in various business sectors, such as the hospitality or financial sector.

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