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Solar project live in Wellington

Our 280 kWp solar project went live in Wellington minutes ago, with the results from our online meter already shown on our website. The system went live at 13h56 and quickly ramped up production even though it is an overcast day. The graph below (from our website) shows that not only are NAPK (Noord Agter Paarl Koelkamers) producing all their own electricity, they are also feeding a significant amount back into the grid!

NAPK (Wellington) Solar Project

Immediate results are visible, soon after the solar project at NAPK (Noord Agter Paarl Koelkamers) went live.

How it all began

Power-Star first installed an online meter at NAPK in 2013. The information was used to measure energy consumption in order to lower costs. Shortly after a Power Factor opportunity was noticed and corrected.

The idea to install solar panels was realised after several months of data collection by the online meter. The cost of the project was weighed against potential savings and was implemented. The installation of over 900 solar PV (PhotoVoltaic) panels was installed in just 5 weeks.

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  1. Would like to know how this could be implemented into my business.

    • Hi Norman. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

      Every project is different in nature so for the best advice please fill in your details on our contact form here to get one of our consultants to call you. You can also contact us directly on 021 975-4529.

  2. how to buy those bid solar system

    • Hi Gugu. Thank you for your interest.
      The system showcased here was planned over several months. To find out more please contact a Power-Star representative via the Contact Us page or directly on 021 975 4529.

  3. Nice, What happens with the extra power? Do they bank it for netmetering? or do they get paid for the extra energy?

  4. Hi Dietrich,
    The site is a net user of electricity. During low usage periods, the system feeds electricity back into the grid at an agreed upon rate.

  5. Is Power Star selling to the local authority with or without a wheeling fee or are you selling to ESKOM and feeding into the ESKOM grid? Great project. So much sun so many opportunities.


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