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 Energy Management Services 

Energy Management Services

Energy management has a variety of meanings. Our focus will mainly be as it relates to energy savings in the business sector or other organizations. Energy management services is typically the process where energy is monitored, controlled and preserved in a building or at specific sites.

An important part of Energy Management is to change the culture of the business with respect to energy use. It is critical to inform everyone on site of the high nature of energy costs – in most cases we find that very few employees have any idea of the magnitude of energy costs in a business. As soon as employees are aware of the opportunity and the reasoning behind making changes, it becomes easier to address operational inefficiencies. Also, you may find that some of the best ideas for improving efficiency can be found from the staff working at ground level. Responsibility is critical to the success of Energy Management.

By measuring individual sections (using our Online Meter) of your business you can allocate responsibility for each section to individual operators. In many cases this can even be used to provide some form of competition between parts of the business. High-level measurement also makes it easier to pinpoint problem areas in the business. This may range from measuring individual incomers, to actually measuring every single machine on site. Successful E\energy management services have been implemented at Sanlam, Heinz food production and Falke to name a few.

Key Features
  • It is data-driven

Opportunities are found using data from the Power-Star meter. Typical areas to look at are peak demand and base load analysis.

  • It is action-orientated

The purpose of the program is to assign actions to any opportunities that arise, and drive them to a point where we either go for it or push it off the table. The reasoning is that we can only focus on 3-5 opportunities at a time, and as such have to make sure we are spending the time on the right opportunities. This is why a key feature of the Energy Desk is accountability.

  • Opportunities are evaluated on a financial basis first

We need to make sure that any projects fit into the investment philosophy of the business. This typically means that we focus on low-to-no cost interventions first, which mostly have the best return-on-investment.


The process followed included active interventions by Power-Star as well as the chairing of a monthly energy management meeting. It can however be structured to suit each client’s individual needs.

  • Increased effectiveness of energy usage (i.e. making sure the right equipment is on when it needs to be and off at all other times)
  • Increased efficiency (i.e. making sure the equipment doing the job is using the least amount of power)
  • Tracking of key energy metrics
  • Transparency of actions and results

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