Power factor correction – before and after

Power factor is a great area, where you can potentially save on your energy costs. These before and after photos will show the immediate results after the power factor correction unit has been installed. We also repair existing power factor units as well as maintenance.

The picture below clearly illustrate the difference between a bad and good Power factor. The savings can be quite substantial the closer the Power factor is to unity or 1.

Pf with circle

Power factor is the relationship between Demand ( red ) vs Power ( Blue ). PF = kW/kVA If pf = 1 kVA = kW


Certain tariffs includes a demand charge. These are penalty charges (for a lack of a better word), for having a bad power factor, because your business is pulling more load from the national grid. This can become quite expensive if not kept in check. After viewing actual measured data, we are able to give exact sizing of a unit needed and calculating the potential saving. The effects of the unit is easily visible on the sites energy profile after installation.

Power factor after power factor correction unit has been installed

Results after the successful installation of our power factor correction unit.

Keeping a constant eye on your power factor will reduce your utility bills, if you are on a demand charge tariff and will reduce wear and tear on your existing energy infrastructure like motors and compressors. If you are currently on a demand charge tariff, we recommend a power factor survey to be done. Our online meter will keep constant track of your power factor a warning email will also be sent as soon as a problem is detected.

Contact us for any further information or powerfactor@power-star.co.za for help regarding your power factor.

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