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 Power Factor Correction Unit 

Power Factor

A wise man once said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The Power Factor of your business perfectly aligns to this adage. Your entire business relies on energy and the secret is this, unless the energy that is supplied to you works in perfect harmony with your equipment, you will lose out. Power factor indicates the ratio between power being consumed (real power) and the power demand (apparent power). The difference between apparent power and real power is inflated because you were over supplied with electricity due to a low Power Factor. (You will be able to track your Power Factor by the Installation of our online meter.)

Power factor, before and after

Once the opportunity is discovered, it can be dealt with by the use of our Power Factor Correction Unit. Through the use of capacitors we can cancel out inductive loads on site, thereby ensuring less demand on the transformer. This in turn can result in lower peak demand and reactive energy charges across various tariff schemes

  • Reduced demand charge
  • Increased load carrying capabilities in existing circuits
  • Reduced power system loss
Power Factor Solutions
  • New Power Factor Units
  • Assessments of your business Power Factor
  • Repairs on existing Power Factor Units
  • Continual surveys and analysis to maintain a balanced Power Factor
Energy Desk

We can help with constant monitoring through our Energy Desk and energy interface in real time. This will enable us to view your Power Factor and make the necessary corrections or repairs, which in turn will result in lower peak demand charges and low energy costs across the board.

Let us help to improve your Power Factor

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