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Do you know the exact amount of energy you use during production or from day-to-day operations at your business? Do you have the capabilities to optimise your operations?  Managing and measuring your energy consumption at your business is key for maintaining profitability and staying ahead of the competition. It does not matter if you are in the financial or hospitality sector, any business can benefit from accurate energy measurement and pro-active intervention.

Power-Star online meter

The Power-star online energy meter being assembled.

The Power-star online meter is a locally manufactured meter that provides real-time data, that can be used for a variety of purposes.

Once the meter is installed on site our clients will receive a secure login account, where they will be able to keep track of their energy usage. With the constant influx of new data and information, you can stay on top of your energy usage.

With the help of our energy management service, provided by our team of energy professionals, we will be able to assist you in formulating an action plan to reduce energy bills as well as optimise your current energy usage.


“To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master.”

Milton Glaser

Graphic designer, Milton Glaser Inc.

Power-Star electricity meter chip board

Be in charge of your energy consumption. Power-Star effectively monitors all of the phases for accurate measurement and effective interventions.


Installing the meter is only the first step:


  • The Power-star online meter allows you to control all aspects of your business. Energy consumption can be remotely monitored that will allow engineers and managers to fix problems in the existing energy infrastructure without the delay of collecting data, as the information is updated every 60 seconds.
  • Various reports can be pulled from the online interface that ranges from: financial reports to trend reports on usage and summaries on general consumption.
  • Electricity bills can be compared with bills from your local council and verified. Our benchmark tool places you in the driving seat as you can set production and energy goals ranging from daily operations to monthly cycles.
  • We can analyse loads on your equipment to identify defective ones and avoid it from impairing your business.
  • Your current electricity tariff can be analysed, to find the best possible solution in keeping input costs to a minimum and to optimise production.
  • The meter can be installed at multiple billing points to aid in assuring fair and accurate electricity bills for both tenants and landlords.
  • Power factor and peak demand loads can be viewed instantly and corrections implemented immediately.

Our online meter is the first step in measuring and managing your electricity costs, and to make sure that your business runs optimally.

Architecture of our Online Meter

Power-Star Online energy meter

Circuitry of the Power-Star meter

The Power-Star unit is a purpose built data logger, with an integrated GSM Modem. The meter is equivalent to a Class 1 metering standard (within 1% accuracy). All energy metrics are measured except for harmonics.

It uses GPRS with an onboard modem to transfer energy readings every 60 seconds to a central MS SQL server.

The data is processed and analysed upon arrival. The infrastructure is secure, and independently hosted with regular backups.

It can be accessed through any web browser and the data includes Energy Metrics,

environmental information as well as financial and billing data.

The benefits of our Online Meter is independent communication and real time data that is available to you.

Power-Star online energy meter specifications

Power-star Meter Specs

General Specifications
Dimensions 119x161x66mm
Voltage Input Range 85V-260V Phase-to-Neutral
Current Input 0-6A
Frequency 50Hz ± -5%
Accuracy Class 1
Communication Interface 1 x USB Port
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Clock Accuracy Standalone Accurate to ± Minute/Year (0 ̊C to +40 ̊C)
Automatically Synchronised via GPRS network Power Consumption
< 5 VA
> 4 VA
Data Storage Non-Volatile Flash Memory
Expected data retention in the absence of power Minimum 5 years
Controlling and Setting Specifications
Number of controllable loads 4
Maximum switchable load current (On-board relay) 5A @ 230V AC
Connection Method Normally Open / Normally Closed
Load Connection setting 4 x On-board Dip Switch
Control / Default Mode 1 x On-board Dip Switch
Indication Specifications
Indication 16×2 LCD Display
LED Indication Run
USB Comms
Modem Comms
Modem On
Modem Status
Verification Output 2 Pulse-output LED’s representing kWh and kvarh
Signalling at 1000 Impulses per kWh or kvarh,
Independent of CT and VT Ratios
Kvarh Impulses (1000 Imp/kvarh)


Manage your energy, not your expectations!

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