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07_DataRecorderPowertrack portable energy data logger

The Powertrack portable energy data logger was designed to be used by electricians and engineers for various energy studies, the meter is very specific in its application. Smaller in size and portable as the name suggests, the meter is purpose built for analysis and other detail orientated tasks. Some of these energy data logging tasks will include:


Powertrack portable energy data logger.

Powertrack portable energy data logger.

  • Providing a precise window into the site or buildings energy profile, while also evaluating or quantifying future or previous interventions respectively (energy management and assessment)
  • Performing Power Factor surveys.
  • Access the electrical capacity before adding further loads on the system (load studies)
  • The sizing of generators.
  • Costing analysis to determine energy consumption trends.
  • Helps to identify opportunities for demand control to curtail peak demand load and energy costs.
  • Detection of voltage trends.
  • Energy meter and CT verification functionality.


“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”

Henry David Thoreau

Author, Walden and other writings


Simplistic design for ease of use. Powertrack portable energy data logger.

Simplistic design for ease of use.



Designed with simplicity in mind

The effectiveness of the Powertrack meter lies in the philosophy of the designers, which is to be simplistic. The simplistic nature of the data logger provides several benefits such as:


  • Rugged design: The rugged and simplistic design of the data logger ensures for longevity of service and overall strength for handling various different situations.
  • Dependable: It has been used extensively in the field.
  • Easy to install: The data logger is very easy to  install with a setup guide that is clear and understandable.
  • Easy to use: The portable data logger comes with all the software pre-installed, no need to pay for extra software in order for it to analyse certain parameters. All of the parameters are set and is easy to navigate, whether you want to view KVA or demand loads.
  • Analysing made easy: The measurement can be between one second to one minute. The software makes it easy to evaluate the recorded data on a pc and all of the calculations has been done. Graphs and statistics are available on all of the parameters.
  • Low cost: The simplistic design allows for a low cost unit with innovative flexible ct cables. The portable energy data logger does not need a battery to keep on recording like other data loggers. This and the pre-installed software lowers the cost substantially.
  • Warranty: The data logger is covered with a 1 year warranty.



The Powertrack portable energy data recorder includes:

Powertrack portable energy data logger, with carry case.

Powertrack portable energy data logger, with carry case.

  • Portable energy data logger with protective casing
  • Flash Drive with installed software
  • Voltage leads
  • Crocodile clips
  • CT’s are not included as prices differ.


Powertrack energy data logger technical specifications

Powertrack Data Logger Manual

Powertrack data logger brochure

General Specification
Dimensions 120x80x240mm
Voltage input Range 85V ac – 260V ac (Phase to Neutral)
Current Probes Supported 0 – 5 Amp clip on; 0 – 1 Amp clip on
Flexible Passive Current Probe (1600/800/400/200A)
Communication Interface 1 x RS232 Port
Communication Protocol Modbus RTU
Accuracy Class 1
Clock Accuracy Accurate to ±1 Minute/Year (0°C to +40°C)
Keypad 20 Key Alphanumeric
Power Consumption 3.5 VA
Expected data retention Minimum 5 years
Type of Display 128 x 64 Graphical LCD with backlight & contrast control
Instantaneous Line Current (Per Phase)
Displayed Values Phase Voltage (4Wire/3Watt Only)
Line Voltage
kW (Per Phase & Summed)
kVA (Per Phase & Summed)
kVar (Per Phase & Summed)
Power Factor (Per Phase & Summed)
Measuring Method 3Watt/4Wire or 2Watt/3Wire
Profile Recording
Memory Capacity 4 MB
Memory Type Non Volatile Flash
Parameters Recorded V, I, kW, kVA, kVar and Power factor (Per phase & Summed)
Recording Intervals 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 Second(s) or Minute(s)
Recording Method Average over recording period
Recording Buffer Continuous buffer (FIFO)
Typical Recording Time 22 Hours 45 Minutes @ 1 Second
9 Days 11 Hours 35 Minutes @ 10 Seconds
8 Weeks @ 1 Minute
2 Years 17 Weeks @ 15 Minutes
Onboard Statistics and Month End Data
Voltage Highest and Lowest Voltage
Current Highest Current
Energy Active Energy Import
(Meter Grand Totals) Active Energy Export
Reactive Energy Capacitive
Reactive Energy Inductive

Let the Powertrack data logger work for you

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