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Power-Star online meter

Online Meters

The Power-Star Online Meter sends a real-time data stream to our servers. This meter is the first step in our journey to measure and manage your energy usage…More

Power-Star Solar Units

Solar PV

Solar Photovoltaic technology imported from France and manufactured in South Africa. Alternative energy generation at affordable rates…More

Power-Star Power Factor Correction Unit

Power Factor Correction Unit

Our Power Factor Correction Unit achieves substantial reduction in apparent power usage and of total current drawn. Essential if you are on a peak demand tariff…More

Power-Star Demand Controller

Demand Controller

Power-Star’s Demand Controller uses rule based remote switching to reduce electricity consumption and manage peak demand usage…More

Power-Star Data Logger

Portable Data Logger

The Portable Data Logger supplements our Online Meter. Being mobile in nature, we are able to measure specific energy feeds where and when required…More

Power-Star Services

Our Services

Power-Star offers a variety of services through interpretation of the data we have access to. Our services aim to optimise your energy usage…More

Our Software

The Power-Star app allows you to gain insight and control of your energy usage.

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