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Power-Star in Hotels around Cape Town

Power-Star is leading the way in the hospitality industry around Cape Town

Power-Star manages energy efficiency in hotels

From its inception the Power-Star meter has shown itself to be especially useful in the hospitality industry. The hospitality industry uses huge amounts of energy with hot water, refrigeration, lighting and air conditioning being the big culprits. We wanted to build a meter that could accurately record and analyse the energy consumption in any given environment. The meter that was designed enabled us to see real time readings of energy usage, it was essentially a world first with its high frequency web based monitoring. The meters can be installed at various points to give detailed recordings at those specific spots.

The data that was collected, was used to determine energy usage and wastage on those specific points. With the current increases in tariffs and rising electricity costs, the meters was crucial in detailing weak points in the existing infrastructure. With data constantly being recorded, decisions could be made to reduce energy usage and point out critical areas where energy could be saved.

The top hotels in Cape Town have installed our meters and with the help of our staff came up with energy plans to reduce wastage. We have had several success stories in and around Cape Town with hotels like: The One & Only Hotel, Table Bay Hotel, The Vineyard Hotel, Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel and the 12 Apostles Hotel (Red Carnation Group that owns the 12 Apostles have requested more meters at some of their other hotels as well).

Through word of mouth we received the contract for various hotels in Dubai, that includes: Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Wild Wadi and the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah.

Power-Star aims to have meters installed in hotels all over South Africa to assist them in reaching their energy goals.


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