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 Hospitality Industry 

From its inception Power-Star has had a specific focus on the hospitality sector. It started out with several sites that had a specific need for electricity measurement, but it quickly found that the technology seemed very well suited for the type of business. The success of the installations specifically in Cape Town, South Africa led to our expansion into the Dubai market among others.

The needs for Engineering or Maintenance teams in this sector varies a lot. In Cape Town we find that the online measurement is typically used for energy management purposes (as seen in the One and Only Hotel case study). A typical hotel uses more power during off-peak hours than is actually required and this is usually only visible by accurate, targeted measurement. Detailed measurement also allows engineers to target specific areas for energy interventions and measure the results of any projects implemented. For further energy saving tips, read our article on how your can save on your electricity costs.

Several sites have used the data for bill verification exercises with great results (see Vineyard Case Study). The Bill Verification exercise becomes even more important in areas with less efficient city councils (such as Johannesburg) where we see many sites using Power-Star data purely for bill verification purposes. It is critical to make sure you are billed correctly, as any efficiency projects will only show expected financial benefits if the billing is correct.

In Dubai the extensive size of many of the hotels and resorts lead Power-Star to be installed on a much more detailed level, mostly in order for sites to be able to apportion costs to each section. This is specifically required on a site such as the Jumeirah complex (which contains several hotels, shopping areas and a water park) where HVAC is supplied with cold water by a centrally located plant. This also required the use of pulse meters in order to measure cold water supply (and in turn allow the calculation of live COP results per chiller).

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Some our clients in the hospitality industry:

Zimbali Coastal Resort
The Table Bay
Protea Hotels
Burj Al Arab
Mount Nelson Hotel

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