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agri business energy efficiency

Agri Business

Energy input directly affects the profitability and sustainability of agricultural produce. We have extensive experience in assisting various agri businesses in optimising energy usage…More

Financial sector energy efficiency


Financial sector office buildings are synonymous with huge data centres and expansive office space. Keeping it all running effectively is energy intensive at best…More

food production energy efficiency

Food Production

The food production market is a high-volume, low-margin business. Power-Star assists in bringing the energy cost per unit produced down, increasing profits…More

health and pharmaceutical energy efficiency

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Electricity usage is non-negotiable as lives depend on electrical equipment and patient comfort. Power-Star services in this sector optimises and saves on energy usage…More

hospitality industry energy efficiency


The comfort of guests is tantamount to the success of hospitality businesses. Water Heating, HVAC, lighting and electricity needs of utilities all contribute to the energy consumption per head…More

industrial sector energy efficiency


The industrial sector is per definition a top consumer of electricity. It is our priority to partner with leaders in this market to optimise energy input with production output…More

petrochemical energy efficiency


Partnering with petrochemical businesses has shown us that substantial energy use optimisation is possible in this notoriously energy intensive market…More

packaging industry energy efficiency

Printing & Packaging

The packaging of products makes out a considerable portion of total cost allocation. Power-Star endeavours to partner with major packaging and printing companies in energy management projects…More

retail sector energy efficiency


Power-Star understands the energy usage profile of retail outlets. Efficient energy management flows from data capturing and interpretation…More

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