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Initiating a Power Factor survey

Initiating a Power Factor survey is performed on existing Power Factor Correction units. If you have a Power Factor unit on site, this survey should be done annually to make sure the system is healthy and in working order.

Initiating a Power Factor surveyThe survey consists of a visual and physical inspection of the unit and all its components within each step. A certified technician will measure each component, check if the controller is working and visually inspect that the unit is safe, healthy and working optimally.

These units are temperamental and without these surveys and close monitoring, weak units and extensive repairs can be quite costly to the consumer.

Together with Power-Star metering, we can effectively measure the Power Factor at all times, set up alerts if something goes wrong or if the unit becomes weak and we can also measure whether the unit is correctly sized for your plant.

Undersized systems and/or weak systems incurs higher monthly costs on your utility bill. A power factor efficiency report can be pulled through the Power-Star website which also calculates the opportunity cost based on the efficiency of the Power Factor Correction unit.

If you are unsure about how healthy your PF system is, or not sure when last a survey was done on the unit, please contact chris@power-star.co.za for all your Power Factor needs.

When a survey is completed, a full report is compiled for you. We also keep this on record so at the time of the next annual survey we ensure the unit is serviced correctly.

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