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How Benchmarks can improve profitability

Without proper benchmarks in place, it is very difficult to see how effective your production is compared to the energy being used. Without this information you might be paying more for electricity that is not being used at optimal levels. How can benchmarks improve profitability? Our Online Meter will be able record energy consumption and the appropriate benchmarks can be set. The online interface combines the two to display where energy can be increased or decreased to improve overall production. Various benchmarks can be set according to your type of business. Whether your type of operation is in manufacturing, hospitality, financial, cold storage, logistics, retail, agriculture or any other, benchmarks is used to calculate the energy intensity based on your type of operation.

Some of the areas that can be evaluated is floor space, occupancy, energy cost per unit and various other factors that might influence your business.

The example below focuses on a food production company:

How Benchmarks can improve profitability

Graph from the Power-Star interface. It shows the energy usage compared to production output.

The measurement was recorded by our Online Meter, the graph details energy cost per day measured in red and production input per kilogram in yellow.

It clearly shows that when the company had low production input (yellow), the cost of the energy usage very high (red). The following week when production input was at its highest, energy costs was visibly lower. There is almost a 60% drop in costs compared to the previous week.

With the recorded data in hand, it would make sense to increase production input. This in turn will lower energy costs and subsequently the cost per unit. Profitability is closely linked to energy and production input. Benchmarks will give you the information to increase your production, by not necessarily using more energy.

If you would like to set up benchmarks please contact chris@power-star.co.za for set up this service.

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