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Energy efficiency at The 12 Apostles

The iconic Twelve Apostles hotel and spa is situated on arguably the most scenic route in Cape Town. The iconic landscapes of Table Mountain and The Twelve Apostles mountain range surround it, with a breath-taking view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Energy efficiency at The 12 Apostles

The Twelve Apostles is serious about energy conservation; in addition to the first smart meter, Victor, the Maintenance Manager would like to install three more meters so as to better understand various energy intense divisions within their operations. A smart project spearheaded by Victor is to re-purpose hot air generated from the refrigeration units. By diverting this previously wasted energy to the heat pump, the unit will have a shorter run time, therefore reducing consumption (kWh).

Our online meters will function not only as data collectors but the information can be used to devise energy action plans, physical interventions as well as verify their energy bills. The Twelve Apostles is truly a model for hotels around South Africa – a five-star hotel that inspires responsible energy consumption.

Power-Star is excited to see where energy efficiency at The 12 Apostles Hotel can be improved.

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