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Energy bills too high?

Nobody wants to pay more than they should. Making sure that your bill is correct is one of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs.

By following these steps you will be able to:

  • Verify your energy bill
  • Compare available tariff rates
  • Lower your energy cost

energy bill too highCheck your energy bills regularly

The first step is to keep a close eye on your energy bills. Unusually high bills might indicate problems in the current energy infrastructure.

Install an energy measuring unit

By installing an Online Meter or more than one depending on the scale of the business, you can establish your energy usage. The meter can record for years or months depending on the need to establish an energy profile. The recorded data can then be compared to the energy bill for Bill Verification. Amendment of the bill can then be requested if needed. The power lies in the fact that the measurement is totally independent and not easily influenced by outside factors.

Tariff Comparison

Ever increasing tariff charges is a reality, a 10% increase can have a significant consequence for a business that uses a lot of energy dependent equipment. Any business according by law has the right to look for the lowest possible tariff that is available to them. By initiating a Tariff Comparison you will be able to identify the lowest tariff that is available to you. By moving to a lower tariff, you will be able to use the newly acquired capital for future projects. 

Establishing a Energy Committee

Establishing a energy committee is a very effective way of lowering energy costs. The information from the meters will be used to formulate action plans to reduce energy wastage. These Energy Management plans might include retrofitting the lights to more efficient LED’s, putting non-essential equipment off, using laptops instead of computers or even just turning off the lights when a room is not being used.

By following these steps, you will improve your overall consumption and save on energy costs. Contact us if you want to learn more or have our online meters installed to verify your bill.

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