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Energy management partners for the last four years.

The Challenge

Power-Star approached Sanlam in 2012 with an energy management proposal outlining a process which would allow ambitious electricity saving targets. The idea was to use money saved from behavioural change to fund capital projects to reach the set targets by 2015.


The primary goal was to reach the sustainability target, but it was first necessary to find the low-to-no-cost interventions.

Optimization areas:

  • Tariff optimization – R1.8m pa
  • Off-peak load – optimization of the BMS settings and manual intervention where required
  • Chiller operation – changing set-points and using fewer chillers in cold weather
  • Lighting retrofit – using the savings from the behavioral change, a complete lighting retrofit is currently underway
  • Chiller retrofit – replacement of old chillers with new efficient chillers
  • Investigating the effect of replacing all desktops with laptops

The Results

2013 showed an 11.8% reduction on 2010 consumption, using only low-to-no-cost interventions. An additional 8% saving is expected for the lighting project, as well as 5% for new chillers.

Ian Erlank, Corporate Facilities Manager – “The Power-Star Energy Management programme has guided us in reaching our sustainability targets. The power of operational intervention is clearly shown in the results.”



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